John Dibling

John still remembers his first computer fondly: a TRS-80 Model, circa 1978. He taught himself BASIC then TRS-80 Assembly Language programming, in the process learning about the inside workings of computers. Thus his fascination with technology was launched, and it’s never stopped growing.

Before joining Bonnie in building Thinkpiece, John built his technology and financial chops as a trading analytics programmer and software engineer. After running out of funds to finish his PhD in theoretical physics, John completed his bachelor’s in computer science with a (prescient, we might add) emphasis in AI. John worked for several financial services technology companies until his wife and collaborator Bonnie announced that she wanted to start her own market research firm. John stepped in as the technology lead who’s equally comfortable talking with software engineers and c-level executives.

Though he tends to downplay the title, John also serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. While helping clients extract maximum value from market research to move their products and services forward, John also helps with the day-to-day tactical running of Thinkpiece. And when the team has any computer issues, he still gets a kick out of solving them.

Fun fact: A man of many talents, John has worked as a professional chef and a semi-professional poker player. He also brews his own beer, and is happy to send you a sample.

“Our clients are smart, hard-working, passionate, and sometimes saddled with square pegs that they need to fit in to round holes. They deserve success. I want Thinkpiece to make a difference in our clients’ pursuit of that success.” — John Dibling

Kip Brown

Our resident branding expert, Kip started out as a sales guy who quickly learned the value of understanding customers’ needs before trying to sell them something. He carried this knowledge with him as he transitioned into the world of advertising, at a time when the concept of “branding” was just finding its footing.

As a marketing director for The Martin Agency, Kip worked on nationally recognized and Effie award-winning B2B brands built on insights gleaned from research. After 20 years on the agency side, Kip made the leap from creating campaigns to researching their audiences. To this day, he still gets excited about diving into the nitty-gritty of what makes brands — and people — work.

Over the course of his career, Kip has seen that great research coupled with a deep respect for the customer experience lead to breakthrough branding. After helping his colleague and friend Bonnie launch her research firm Thinkpiece in 2014, Kip officially joined the team as a moderator who brings a unique brand perspective and extensive B2B experience. He also brings a rare talent for asking the right questions, listening carefully to the answers, and ensuring clients hear those insights as well. If his work reveals opportunities and helps his clients act on them, Kip knows he’s done his job.

Fun fact: Along with his Effies, Kip has also won two best actor awards for theater roles he played as an 18-year-old and as a 65-year-old.

“I get energized by what I do. I love branding. I study it. I believe in it. And I want to continue to humanize it so that it is really understood by people everywhere.” — Kip Brown