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Research is key to creating compelling B2B brands and campaigns that hit the strategic mark. And the earlier you uncover the insight, the stronger your direction, creative execution, and confidence. Our research team includes a seasoned branding specialist who brings decades of experience in building successful B2B campaigns built on insight.

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AI Perspectives: The potential role of chatbots in moderating focus groups and interviews

For the second installment of our AI Perspectives series, CEO Bonnie Dibling, Tech Moderator Chris Dethloff, and COO/Director of Technology Research John Dibling discuss the possibility of using chatbots to moderate qual market research. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic, too.

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Post-Treatment Patient Studies: Understanding the Patient Journey after the Patient Journey

In our previous post, “Surviving Survival: Unmooring After the Patient Journey,” we explored the myriad challenges patients and their families face after finishing treatment for a medical condition. We also encouraged healthcare and pharmaceutical companies — along with the market researchers who work with them — to include these post-treatment patients in qualitative research studies.

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AI Perspectives: The impact of Al on qual according to different levels of knowledge

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions from our clients about the practical role of generative Al and LLM tools like ChatGPT in qualitative market research. Which prompted us to create a series of Thinkpieces exploring common topics cropping up among our peers. Titled “Al Perspectives,” these pieces feature diverse perspectives from three members of […]

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Confronting Change

Knowing which way to pivot in a rapidly changing landscape.

Cloud Choices

Digging into the decision process for selecting a cloud provider.

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Revealing truths for a breakthrough treatment targeting chronic conditions.

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