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Cloud Choices

Digging into the decision process for selecting a cloud provider.

Patient Psychology

Understanding the pain points for patients who resist medication.

Small Business Stress

Exposing the barriers to small-business lending.

Interviewer vs. Moderator in Qualitative Research – What’s the difference and does it matter? (Spoiler: It does)

If you’re a client seeking the insights that qualitative research can provide, you probably know that having a “good moderator” is essential for your project. But what exactly makes a moderator good? What should you expect from them, and what’s the role they’ll play in your research journey? More than semantics or industry jargon, a […]

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Unveiling the Multifaceted Moderator: Navigating Qualitative Research

In our previous blog post, we explored a different approach to thinking about the definition of “interviewer” versus ‘”moderator.” Now, let’s delve deeper into the role of the “moderator” and why they are indispensable, especially from a client’s perspective. Moderators, as defined in our last blog, assume a broad role that goes beyond asking questions […]

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Reimagining Discussion Guides in Qualitative Research: A Path to Deeper Insights

In our previous blogs, we explored the roles of “interviewers” and “moderators” in qualitative research, shedding light on their subtle but profound distinctions. Building on that foundation, let’s delve into an intriguing aspect of qualitative research: discussion guides. Are they a blessing or a curse? Well, that’s a question we’ll navigate together. Discussion guides are […]

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