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Case Studies

Cloud Choices

Digging into the decision process for selecting a cloud provider.

Patient Psychology

Understanding the pain points for patients who resist medication.

Small Business Stress

Exposing the barriers to small-business lending.

To go from clicks to customers, move your focus from products to people

Clicks don’t mean someone has connected with your product or brand. All they mean is that you’ve managed to grab someone’s attention — with humor, intrigue, wow factor, etc. — to make them act. This, in itself, is a feat. Grabbing attention has always been central to the marketing and advertising mission. […]

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Branding Over Bragging Rights: Toyota’s Rise to Number 1

Old News: Toyota, thanks to a stockpile of semiconductor chips, was able to stave off production delays better than other auto manufacturers. As chips became an increasingly hot commodity, most global automakers — including American dominant, General Motors (GM) — were forced to reduce production targets, but Toyota held on a bit longer. As result, […]

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Thinkpiece Launches New Brand

You might have notice something different about us. Thinkpiece just launched our bold new brand — including new website. Our new brand emphasizes the diverse expertise and experience of our team, and our decidedly different approach to B2B qualitative research. Be sure to explore our new site to immerse yourself.

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