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Why work with Thinkpiece? Great question.

What makes us different, makes your research better. When you partner with Thinkpiece, you’ll work with a seasoned qualitative research team that brings tenured specialization in the technology, healthcare, and finance industries. You’re also getting award-winning branding professionals and scholars with advanced knowledge in human behavior and sociology. That multi-layered expertise delivers multiple advantages to you.

  • Inside Expertise

    Our researchers worked in the trenches of the industries we serve. Building on that experience, we trained, coached, and mentored them to become talented moderators who understand our clients’ businesses — and know how to reveal truly valuable insight.

  • Branding Experience

    We have award-winning branding experts ready to help our clients craft, test, refine, and launch differentiating brand strategies, positioning, messaging, and concepts that connect with their target audience segments.

  • Complexity Specialists

    Unlike research firms that focus on Consumer Packaged Goods, we thrive on challenging research projects for complex industries including technology, healthcare, and finance. We speak the language, understand the products and services, and hit the ground running.

  • Humanized Research

    Experts with advanced degrees in social science, our analysts reveal the human story behind the data. You’ll emerge with a clearer understanding of the why as well as the what — so you’ll know how to move forward.

  • Purpose Driven

    Your products and services are making a real difference in people’s lives, and we’re honored to play a role in that. We help you interpret the research so you can continue to innovate and improve the world.

  • Your Reports, Your Way

    Tell us how you want your reports delivered, and we’ll get them done. Easy to understand, engaging to read, and right to the point, our reports provide actionable insight and can be easily customized to meet your varied needs.

You’ve seen how we do it. Now see what we do.

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