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Why work with Thinkpiece? Great question.

What makes us different, makes your research better. When you partner with Thinkpiece, you’ll work with a seasoned B2B qualitative research firm that brings tenured specialization in the technology, healthcare, and finance industries. You’re also getting a team who burrows into the research to uncover insights with the greatest impact. Here’s how we do research differently.

  • Inside Expertise

    Our researchers worked in the trenches of the industries we serve. Building on that experience, we trained, coached, and mentored them to become talented moderators who understand our clients’ businesses — and know how to reveal truly valuable insight.

  • B2B Specialists

    B2B is not B2C. We understand the distinction, and how to find and talk to B2B audiences that think, act, and make decisions much differently than consumers. Bring us your most complex research projects. We’re ready for them.

  • Humanized Research

    Experts in social science, our analysts reveal the human story behind the data. You’ll emerge with a clearer understanding of the why as well as the what — so you’ll know how to move forward.

  • Purpose Driven

    Your products and services are making a real difference in people’s lives, and we’re honored to play a role in that. We help you interpret the research so you can continue to innovate and improve the world.

  • Insatiable Learners

    We value the expertise you bring to the table, and enjoy learning all we can about your products, services, and audiences. We approach research as a collaborative process, and work closely with you to deliver insight you can put into action.

  • Your Reports, Your Way

    Tell us how you want your reports delivered, and we’ll get them done. Easy to understand, engaging to read, and right to the point, our reports provide actionable insight and can be easily customized to meet your varied needs

You’ve seen how we do it. Now see what we do.

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