Chris Dethloff

Technology is constantly and rapidly changing — and that’s exactly what Chris loves about it. From his early days as an application systems engineer, to his recent work moderating research projects for the likes of Intel and Verizon, Chris has always embraced the challenge of staying ahead of evolving tech. As Thinkpiece’s technology moderator, he helps clients find stable footing in this ever-shifting landscape.

For Chris, the most exciting part of qualitative research is finding those moments when the emotional and rational drivers come together. So while he’s fluent in CPUs, UX, AI, ML, and a slew of other abbreviations, he’s also become adept at exploring and revealing the human side of technology. Helping our clients understand those subtle human shadings informs better decisions about how best to position their products and services.

Ultimately, Chris’s goal is to help our clients become, in his words, wildly successful. He does this by arming them with all the answers they need to be rock stars for their internal stakeholders. The reports he creates serve as road maps, marking a clear path forward through the complexities. For Chris, there’s nothing cooler than seeing our clients taking the research and running with it.

Fun fact: When he’s not elbow-deep in research, you’ll find Chris waist-deep in a river (preferably somewhere in Idaho) fly-fishing.

“Don’t move until you see it.”
— Searching for Bobbie Fischer (Chris’s favorite movie)