We speak engineer.


We’re qual researchers.
We’re also software and system engineers who honed our skills for decades before mastering research.

We have peer-to-peer conversations that uncover richer insights and hidden pain points, fueling breakthrough innovation.

There are technology researchers.

We're technologists who research.
When you work with us, you get:
  • Shorter learing curves from researchers who got their start in the trenches of technology.
  • Answers to your most complex, vexing, and critical business questions.
  • Usable, attractive reports that deliver strategic direction for business decisions.
  • Better recruits with respondents who have right specialized knowledge and experience.
Let's talk tech research.
Great research starts with knowing your industry.
We do.

AI/ML/DL & Computer Vision
Cloud & Edge Computing
Confidential Computing
DevOps, MLOps, SecOps, FinOps
Enterprise Onboarding
IOT & Connected Hardware
Networking & Private IP
Private 5g
Silicon Foundries

Great research depends on the right respondents.
We find them.

C-Suite Executives
Product Managers
Data Scientists
Enterprise End Customers
Engineers (DevOps, SW)
Independent SW Vendors

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